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“We Cry” — Our Struggles Make Us One


As you know, or as you will all come to know if you just started reading my blog, that I usually write sporadically and of things/events that are of great interest and/or importance to me. A couple of weeks ago (or sometime in the recent past, I can’t remember) I wrote a letter to my fellow American people to talk to them about and thank themcty-airport0148 for the suppose and the love they showed to the immigrants from the Muslim-Majority countries. Looking at the new , we can see that the love is still there. People are waiting at airports with signs saying “Welcome Home” or “You are welcomed here” and other beautiful and loving statements.

But all the protests at the airport were not only about Muslims, though it looked like it externally. In reality, this in not about a certain group being denied their rights at one specific point in American history. This is about our struggle as the American people, as humans living off the same land as each other. We are obligated to help each other gain our rights as humans, as any person is to have
. We begin to think, though, that it is about a certain group but, I must state again, it is not. Though it might look like it on the outside, it is not. This can be illustrated by one example, probably the best one out there.

Consider the Black Lives Matter Movement. This is a movement to prevent and show  U.S the violence and the horrors being done against Black people all around America. If they intended for this to happen or not, but because of this movement, Black Lives Matter, all lives are becoming to matter. By this I mean by fighting against discrimination against the Black individuals, many people have come to realize they need to fight for themselves and others around them. We see people banding together, working to make each other’s lives matter. It is heart-warming and it brings tears of happiness to my eyes when people, who are entirely different, who might not even have anything in common, fighramblings-thoughts-all-lives-matter-discussion-2t for each other.

But these aren’t the only struggles going on in the world. There are other issues that might not be given the light they need or the amount of people needed to help fight for them. This brings me to the reason I started writing this post. The other day I was scrolling through YouTube and came across a band called The Script .  To be honest, I am not one for listening to music but when I found some of their songs, I regained hope in the music industry 😀 . There was one song that really showed me the beauty of their music. In one of their interviews The Script mentioned that the reason they named themselves as such was because most of their songs were stories of everyday people, of how they think, how they feel, etc. To me, this was amazing and I not only fell in love with their songs but, not to sound corny, with the stories as well.

One of their songs brings to light stories of individuals, struggles with individuals that we can relate to, maybe not on an experience level but on an emotional level. This song is called “We Cry” (<– Please click on the link to listen, it’s very good, I promise).

In this song, there are three people mentioned, all of whom are going through different struggles and suffering through different events in their lives. Though the stories are very important and I know many people go through them, I am not going to mention them here in the post, because (1) it’ll make you listen to the song and (2) this post is already too long 🙂 . What I do want to focus on is the chorus of the song:

“Together we cry.”

This is such a simple line, yet has so much meaning attached to it, at least to me. To me it means that, though we feel we are alone and struggling by ourselves, there are other people, there are other individuals just like us going through something similar or something completely different but are still struggling. In shorter and more concise terms, what The Script means by this is that we are not alone. The only thing that is amiss that makes us feel that we are alone is the oblivious nature of those around us. They do not see our pain or anger or frustration but rather they see their own and we do not see theirs. What we need to do is open our eyes to the people around us and gain a better understanding of what they are going through, as well as letting them know how we are struggling. If we share and divide our problems, we will be able to work everyone’s lives better and we can do it together.

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Letter to my Fellow Americans

Dear Fellow Americans,

My name is Sanya Safi, a 22 year-old Muslim woman and an immigrant from Pakistan. I have lived here in the United States since 1997, since I was 2 years-old. This country has been the only thing that I have known for the 20 years I have been living here. For me, this is my country and my home land. Until a year ago, I was not an American citizen, rather I was residing in this country as a permanent resident. When I got my citizenship, I was elated. I could finally call myself a legit American citizen.

But after recent events, I began to worry that being an American citizen would not matter. As we all know, President Trump was placed an executive order on seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. All of these countries are Muslim majority countries, places where Islam is practiced in high numbers. Though it was not explicitly stated, the message was clear: Muslims were not welcome. People were not let into the country, regardless of whether they were American Citizens or legal residents. If they looked a certain way or were coming from one of those countries, they were not let in. There was an elderly Iraqi woman who passed away on an airplane waiting to be let into the country so she could go home, but was not able to. There so many stories of families that were divided and stranded because of this ban.

There were so many emotions floating in me this past week. I was sad in a way that I have never been before. Here was my country, my beautiful country, built on the blood and effort of the first immigrants, the first settlers, denying people who could make it even greater. I was embarrassed that President Trump would make my country, my home and the home to so many immigrants of so many backgrounds, look so horrible in front of the whole world. I was worried at how this event would effect my little sisters and other Muslim children who see that the President, the head of the country, does not like them and does not want them in this country. I felt scared and threatened that the ban would not only hurt those coming into the U.S, but also those who were living here as well, as irrational as it sounds.

But those feelings did not stay for long. You all filled the airports by the thousands, protesting this ban, hating this ban, and fighting to end the ban. You chanted, “Let them in!” at terminal entrances at every major airport. You protected the Muslim men and women, who prayed at these airports as a sign of faith and peaceful protest, creating barriers so no harm could come to them. It was beautiful. It IS beautiful.

Never in my time as a Muslim woman have I seen so much love and kindness between so many people of different communities. We have become a multi-ethnic, multi-faith, multi-faith, multi-EVERYTHING, family. We have become a strong family that cannot be torn apart by anything or anyone.

The ban has been temporarily restrained (thank you Judge James L. Robart, from Seattle) and lifted but I will have to thank Mr. President. Thank you Mr. President, for uniting our country under such a beautiful cause of equal rights and acceptance of others of different backgrounds. Though we have less faith in what our government can do for our country, the faith in what our people can do for out country has grown immensely. (JFK would be proud!)


A Pakistani American Muslim, fighting to see a better day

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The “Ifs” in Life and how they shouldn’t Exist

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I have not gone crazy,(contrary to my siblings beliefs). Rather, I have been thinking, which can be scary but it happens. What i am going to present to you may or may not be something that you agree with but i want you to consider what i am about to say and maybe you’ll agree.

In all of our lives, we go through many hardships and have many problems. Most of the time we that a certain event might have been better in a different mindset or thought process. You start to say “If I had done this, this would or would not have happened. This thought process leads to many negative emotions, such as anger, sadness and disappointment. These emotions lead to an irritation with life, hopelessness, or an increased anger. Why does this happen? It starts with the word “If”.

Now pausing on the effects of “Ifs”, I want to change gears and turn the wheel around to the other side of the spectrum.

There are many people in this world that believe everything that happens, whether it be good or bad, happens for a reason. I, for one, am a hard-core believer in this, mostly because this is one of the mindsets a Muslim needs to have for a good mental health as well as spiritual health.

In Islam, we understand that this life can be good and it can also be bad. We face hardships and many of these hardships make us suffer internally. A Muslim also knows that whatever he or she is going through is a test from God. How we react to it is entirely up to us. As a Muslim, I have faced many problems and gone through many hardships. I realized that “If-ing” about all of these tests was only making me feel worse. There are times now when I begin to think with the word “If”. When I catch my self, I turn my face to God and accept that what I am going through is God’s way of saying that He loves me and wants me to become a better person and Muslim. I firmly believe that God tests of how strongly we believe in His power to make our lives better. We firmly believe that everything is in a set course and we have no control over what we had planned and whatever He has planned is so good for us that we cannot even begin to imagine how good these events are for us. God even asks us in the Qur’an “How can you know that what you think is bad for you is not good for you?” (Surah An-Nisa).

Which is true. How do you know a job promotion is good for you if it keeps you away from your family? How do you know that the latest device is good for you when it keeps you from going outside? (Pokemon Go! Solved that problem 🙂 ) How do we know? That’s the thing, we can’t.

There have been events in my life where I began to question why I had to face them and the different outcomes of it, the  “Ifs”.  But after a while I realized that these events helped me grow as a person, not by a lot but enough for me to notice. Now when i feel like I’m going through something tough, I force my self to close my eyes and remember. Remember that I there is a higher purpose for everything and that it is for my own good, even if it does not look like it.

Once one begins believing in this, life becomes better and you personally become happier (bye-bye pimples). Hopefully, this shed some light on how every single one of us can change and become happier individuals. Thank you!!

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The World as a Piece of Art

Many people believe in a higher being and many people believe there are multiple being that control the world that we live. I believe without a doubt that there is only being that is worthy of worship and that is Allah, or as many other put it, God.

How do I know that there is one God? I can easily say i believe in one God because my religion, Islam, has made it evident to me. But that is only me, what about everyone else who doesn’t share this conviction? I have come up with an explanation that, though the God is unable to be perfectly comprehended by the human mind, puts things into an image that is easily understandable by every one of different cultures and backgrounds.

Now before anyone can judge, I’m only going to say what I came up with when i was outside. I didn’t read it or see it anywhere but if this is a copy of someone else’s explanation of this certain topic, then i humbly apologize.

So, know I want you to imagine the great outdoors. The sun and the way it hits the leaves on the trees just so, the hum of the bees and the songs of the birds in the cool breeze. The blue sky with just enough clouds to make cloud gazing fun. The feel of grass between your toes and the smell of the plants, not just flowers, around you. It is utterly perfect, just like a painting.

Now I want you to picture the most beautiful painting or piece of art that you have ever seen. This piece is your favorite and created some sort of emotions in you that you never believed you could have towards art. That piece of art had a creator who was able to make that mode of art into something that made your breathing stop and you to treasure that image forever.

Now, think of this piece of art but created by more than one person. This piece of art would not have the same effect because the flow, the detail, the beauty would not be as evident because of the different styles of the different artists.

In that same way, the world does not have many gods because witimagesh that the world not have the beauty, the same flow, the same oneness as we know it to have. Different gods would have different personalities and that would lead to difference in opinion and ideas of how things should be. Nothing would work as it does.

Now with only one artist, One God, the art piece has more unity. The style is the same, the mode of art is the same, everything is done with the flow of the artists hand. In that same way, the world flows in perfection due to the style and the beauty of the One God. even if the objects are not directly related to something else, the image, when you look at it, fits. As you look out side, the bees and the grass are not directly related but they look so perfect when they are seen to gether. The images just fit

I know that this is a bit abstract and I didn’t word it the way i was thinking about it, but hopefully i was able to get the general concept out to you so that you can also think about this perfect art piece that we call the World.

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Hope in the Strangest Spots

This weekend I went to a wedding in Canada and, despite the popped tired and the 24 hour-long road trip, it was a fun weekend. As you know, I am a person of weird thoughts and ideas that usually pop out of know where. While in the car to Canada, I had one of those thoughts.

As we were driving, I noticed that on the shoulder part of the road, there were cracks and growing from those cracks were little plants. That’s where i had my weird thought. I thought, “Wow, those plants are pretty tough if they can push through something as a tough of as a road aside to grow.”

These little pockets of plants showed me one thing. There is hope found everywhere. I mean, these plants are growing in flat, hard place where growing a plant should be impossible, but they did. As humans, we need to remember that these pockets of plants are in our lives and we need to realize that they exist, otherwise, we will be a flat, hard, and hopeless group of people who don’t see that in any crack in our hard life does not have to be a crack, rather it can be a place for the plant of hope to fill in the empty space. flower-tree-growing-concrete-pavement-6

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Chapter 20 – Ta Ha – Verses 10 – 12 — Teaching Kids the Holy Quran

Continued from verses 4 – 9 … TO BE CONTINUED … These pictures are an excerpt from the book Teaching Kids The Holy Quran – Surah 20: Ta Ha. Click here to purchase the book from Amazon USA. Click here for all other options to buy the book elsewhere. Please note: The images have been […]

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What am I?


I am not given, I am earned.

When I am whole,

My strength keeps would be enemies


I am the lightness of the heart

When a piece of it is given.

I create unwavering brightness

That fills lives with peace and love.



But I am also a delicate bowl,

Balancing on the edge

Of the table, waiting

Fearing the poke of a finger

That will bring about my end;

Shattering me into piece too tiny

To ever be put bck together.



I am what what you want.

I am what you need.

Getting me is easy,

Losing me even easier.

Gaining me back again

Being the hardest quest ever.


What am I?


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The One I Admire

I admire the one

whose love flows like water

giving life and happiness,

not expecting anything in return.


I admire the one

who had the strength of stone

resolute in their beliefs

not wavering under pressures of society.


I admire the one

whose passion burns fiercer than fire,

fighting to change and help

the world and those around them.


I admire the one

who is consistent like air,

never changing to please,

never disappearing when needed.


I admire the Avatar

who is able to give

love, strength, and happiness

without end, without regret. Aang_meditates.png

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What Do You Wait For?

What do you wait for

in this world made of

synthetic turf and

plastic roses?


Is there anything to wait for

but the cool, contraction

of breath on the bed,

leaving you forever?


Have you ever waited for

your mind to catch up

with your heart

in this game we call life?


Do you ever think that you

are a digging a hollow hole

will nothing to fill it,

in the end laying alone?


Will you ever understand

that this isn’t permanent,

that everything will disappear

along with yourself?


What do you wait for?

Do something, say something

Be something.